The world’s new and trusted remote access, control and support software. Performance Made in Germany.

Remote Desktop

With BlitzView you can easily Share your Screen – whether you need support, want to present or work together with others on a project. 

Interactive Control

Connect from all over the world and work together on documents. Troubleshoot any technical issues, no matter from where. BlitzView brings you and your partners closer together

Engineered in Germany

Our technologists wanted to develop an ultra high-performance Remote Desktop Software which should eventually become one of the market leading solutions. We put our vision into practice by creating a proprietary codec, BlitzParse, that allows "close to the metal performance" of your GPU.

Advanced Security

BlitzView uses government-grade encryption as a standard.  Make sure to give your ID only to people you know. If you use BlitzView, you can adjust all security parameters intuitively. We follow an intuitive approach to security and privacy. All settings and options are well described.  

BlitzView is Remote Desktop made for performance

BlitzView is a remote desktop client with a lean architecture. We focus on ultra-high visual performance and deep access control. We have engineering our tool to the max. We do not feature overload. We just design for performance for your remote application. BlitzView is the fastest way to connect devices in many regions.

3 months after launching our beta, we had 3.000.000 daily active users. This keeps us going.

We promise to never try to monetize our first 5m users. Test us now risk-free. 


The BlitzView Backend

BlitzParse, our image compression algorithm, was developed while our founder pursued a PhD in engineering sciences. During the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, when working remotely has swept over the world out of nothing, we transferred this codec into a user friendly remote desktop tool, focusing on remote work with sharp optics. Since then, we developed a secure platform that provides a high performance remote access and control solutions for many businesses.

We expanded and now focus on all sorts of machines that need to be accessed remotely. People, mainly IT nerds, use us to collaborate remotely. BlitzView is remote desktop software designed by people who understand hardware.

BlitzView Backend

The high performance remote support and desktop application to connect the word. Fast.